I would just like to send a quick note to once again thank you Judi for taking the time to go through our decor options for our new house. 

Your team at the Decor Centre are extremely responsive and very patient, and were able to answer all of our questions. From the beginning of our home buying process, Coughlan has worked very hard to satisfy our requests and ensured that we are getting not only just a house, but also a home. In this day and age, customer service is very reactive and you feel as though you only get through to people when you have negative aspects to discuss. The total opposite was true when it came to working with Coughlan Homes.

It's refreshing to experience such a pro-active and knowledgeable service team, at both the sales and decor centres. We continue to feel confident with our purchase and speak highly of Coughlan as a homebuilder.

I hope that the service, responsiveness, and attention to detail continues throughout the entire phase of this project as I know for certain there would have been no way we could have finished our decor appointment with a such a high level of satisfaction if it wasn't for your team.

Thank you once again for working with us and answering our list of questions and concerns. Our door is always open as we believe you have been instrumental in helping us getting closer to our masterpiece we will call our home for many years.


Ted & Ana



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