I would like to compliment you on the service that we have received right from the buying process with Yvonne and Lindsey, and afterwards with the decor process with Shannon and Judi. Everyone has been very responsive on a timely basis addressing our questions and requests. Judi at the decor centre offered her construction knowledge as well as her excellent common sense approach to guiding us through our decor options and modifications.

Thank you,
Susan and Bruce



I am finding a lot of nail pops and drywall cracks in my home; will these be repaired for me?
These are a result of normal settlement of the house and can be expected. Although these are not covered by the Tarion Warranty, we will repair them once (at the end of the first year) with a coat of plaster. The homeowner will be responsible for finishing beyond this stage.

There are cracks in my basement floor. When will these be repaired?
These are very common and in most cases don't need to be repaired unless they get past 6 mm as per Tarion's guidelines.

There is condensation/ice on my windowpanes – is this normal?
This is a result of high humidity in your home. Please refer to your Coughlan Homes homeowner manual for steps on reducing the humidity in your home.

I can see light and/or feel cold air coming in through the front door. Is it installed correctly?
Yes, door openings are one of the most common items to shift during settlement of your house. Usually a slight adjustment will give your door a tighter seal.

My cabinet doors don't line up; when will you fix this?
This item falls under maintenance. As per Tarion, cabinet doors need to be adjusted from time to time due to normal use. You can try adjusting the doors by turning the screws on the hinges, or add it to one of your Tarion lists and we will be happy to show you how to do it.

Why do the bedroom switches stop working (trip easily)?
The bedroom switches are on arc fault control indicators, which work like G.F.I plugs.